Dr. Monique Holsey-Hyman has proven her dedication to serve the residents of the City of Durham since being appointed to the City Council less than a year ago. She has provided a resolution for Supporting Safe and Protective Measures to Foster Healthy Learning Environments in Durham Schools, organized the “Amplify Mentoring” event for National Mentoring Month to celebrate and honor, for the first time, Durham’s mentoring programs, and established the first City of Durham and NC Central University Collaboration Pipeline for Jobs and Internships Committee. Dr. Holsey-Hyman introduced the Support Youth Mentoring Service Act and advocated for the Act to Allow Inclusionary Zoning for Affordable Housing, that was originally on the Advocacy List to submit to the NC Legislative Committee. Both items were submitted by the Durham City Council and were accepted to be placed on the NC Legislative Action List. She is also a member of Mayor Elaine O’Neal’s, “Deep Dive of Housing” subcommittee to develop strategies to prevent barriers for affordable housing; and she provided the first social work interns from NC Central University to the City of Durham’s Community Safety Department’s HEART program. Dr. Holsey-Hyman is a Durham City Council member who serves her community, hears what the residents are saying, and meets them where they are. Her actions over the past 10 months have proven that. If elected, she will continue to serve the City of Durham and advocate for its residents.

Public Safety / Community Safety 

Safer Communities

By electing me to serve as your City Council Member At-Large, I will continue to:

  • Explore ideas to tackle staffing shortages within our Public Safety Departments (Fire, Police, and 911 Communications Center) by supporting innovative and strategic compensation reviews, flexible or alternative family-centered work schedules, and advanced training protocols
  • Advocate increasing funding for more positions and the expansion of services for our Durham Community Safety Department (HEART - Case Navigation Follow-up) 
  • Support mental health services and programs for our veterans, justice-connected youth, immigrant communities, the homeless community and law enforcement
  • Collaborate with elected officials, law enforcement, clergy, and local citizens to unite Citywide Gun Violence Task Forces to decrease gun violence in our community

“New Doorways, New DURHAM”

If elected to a full four-year term on Durham City Council, I would have time to advance a comprehensive service agenda for the citizens of Durham. Let me be clear, I do not have an agenda. The agenda I seek to advance is the DURHAM agenda. I have developed the Dedicated Utilitarian Resources for Housing And Mentoring (DURHAM) agenda by listening to multiple stakeholder groups around Durham and examining the salient issues facing the future of our community. Addressing sustainable housing and youth mentoring programs provide a clear pathway to safe, economically viable communities across the city of Durham. 

“The Future begins at Home” with Sustainable and Affordable Housing

I will:
  • Combat the growing epidemic of homelessness in our city
  • Continue to support funding for the City’s Eviction Diversion Program
  • Fight to keep housing affordable for Life-Long Durham residents 
  • Advocate for housing incentives for Durham employees to be able to afford to live in the city they serve
  • Explore plans to utilize vacant property owned by the City of Durham for affordable housing initiatives
  • Support programs that offer Durham’s residents workshops educating on the path to home ownership so that families may have sustainable housing, have a base from which to grow, thrive and build generational wealth; Youth who have sustainable housing have a foundation from which to spring forward into entrepreneurial success.

“The Future of Durham” through Empowering & Engaging our Youth 

I will:
  • Ensure that recreational facilities and services are accessible to all residents of Durham
  • Establish the City of Durham Mentoring Alliance Collaborative Pilot program that provides information regarding access to active youth mentoring and outreach programs 
  • Collaborate with the Durham Public Schools Board of Education, Durham Tech, North Carolina Central University, Duke and youth programs to provide job training and entrepreneurship support that creates a pipeline for youth opportunities
  • Explore opportunities for high school seniors to receive on the job training through the City of Durham 
  • Advocate for Durham City Government Youth Mentoring and Outreach programs to prepare the next generation of civic leaders

Clean Environment Means Healthier Lives

I will:
  • Promote a green and equitable Durham by supporting plans that enforce responsible building and growth that protects the environment and natural resources in our city and county
  • Maintain and improve existing infrastructure
  • Explore renewable energy projects and energy efficiency strategies
  • Support projects that will manage waste and wastewater through alternative innovative strategies to ensure clean water for Durham and the protection of our environment
  • Advocate for initiatives that support thriving, healthy communities in Durham
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